The Science of Decentralized Finance



YFScience is a new generation decentralised platform that enables different features for staking, lending, trading and coinvesting. YFSI is the governance token of YFScience that enables access to an on-chain decision making model.

Key features

YFScience Universe consists of DeFi trading features that enable staking liquidity mining and yield farming.
Decentralized Coinvesting Pools
Trader Liquidity Lending Pools
Farming Pools
Decentralized Coinvesting Protocol
Liquidity Lending Protocol
a New DeFi
build on top of Ethereum

Lending, Farming and Trading on the blockchain  

YFScience – The Finance of DeFi

  • New DeFi concepts introduced
  • Lending & Coinvesting Pools
  • Multiple farming Pools

  • Modern UI & UX
  • Easy to Use
  • Friendly to all users

  • Developers with deep level expertise
  • High Level Backend Architecture
  • Smart Contracts audited before release


The Governance token of YFScience

YFSI gives power to the community and enables access to an on-chain decision making model.  Additionally, it will be the principal token for staking and farming in the YFScience Universe.

There are 31415 YFSI in total.

Why 31415? Well, science..
These digits are the first 5 digits of the mathematical constant Pi.


Q4 2020
Launch of YFScience •
Launch of several Farming Pools •
Q1 2021
• Launch of Bscience
• Ambassador's Program Commences
Early Q2 2021
Launch BSCI on Binance Smart Chain •
YFScience Website Upgrade •
NFT Launchpad on Ethereum Blockchain •
Late Q2 2021
• Incorporation of YFScience
• Partners use our NFT Launchpad for foundraising

Q3 2021
More incentives for our Ambassadors •
YFScience Team expands •
More DeFi product •

Our features

  • Staking
  • Farming

  • Lending
  • Borrowing

  • Trading
  • Coinvesting

  • Governace
  • Power to the Community

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